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OEM Services for Intelligent Electronic Products and LED Lighting Products

Electronics Product OEM Assembly

Sourcing and Supply Chain Management

Quality Inspection and Control

Warehousing and Materials Management

Logistics Service



Tungwille has perfected the complex process of building box builds and electromechanical
assemblies with the resources and skills needed to design,
build and support a wide range of assembly programs.

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Why Choose Us

For decades of rich R&D, production experience, advanced equipment input, seasoned management, excellent financial strength, and a long term commitment in China are fundamental to our success. Our commitment to timely, high quality, products has led to decades long relationships with Fortune 500 companies. Ingrained in the culture of Tungwille is a dedication to maintaining the trust of our customers, employees and suppliers. Prototyping, mold development, quick turn production, complex inventory programs etc, Tungwille has the flexibility to respond.