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Our staff of Engineering Professionals are focused on developing the most capable tooling and cost effective processes. They are available to assist you in mold and tooling development, designing moldable products, the selection of materials, and secondary services best suited for your applications. Whether your needs are for prototypes, short runs or high volume production runs, Tungwille is your source for custom molding engineering services.

Getting it right with the mold design pays off with performance and durability in production. Our Engineering staff thoroughly reviews the feasibility for molding and performs a Flow Simulation Analysis to ensure mold designs meet our high standards. Using the expertise of multiple domestic and off-shore mold builders we can ensure our customers receive high quality / durable molds and value for their investments.
Flow Simulation Analysis

Software Systems (SolidWorks, Autocad, ProEngineer, MoldFlow, Esprit)


Tungwille appreciates the fact that our customers have made a significant investment in the design and construction of their tooling and fixtures. That's why our Tool Room Technicians meticulously care for your molds and tooling. A preventive maintenance plan is implemented for each mold. When modifications are required, we are equipped to fulfill most of those needs internally. Where needed, we also work with highly skilled external sources for mold modifications. Additionally, warehousing of tooling and molds is available for all our customers.