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Mold product details:

Die materials: PC + ABS FR (40) WHITE, 718H, P20, NAK80, S316 according to customer requirements
Product materials: ABS, PP, PVC, POM
Number of points: single point, multi-point, according to the number of points specified by the guests
Surface treatment: erosion word, mirror treatment, matte surface
Die life: 50-100 million beer
The main process: milling, grinding, EDM, wire cutting, carving, CNC, 2.5 yuan measurement

1, the product surface no soluble mark, no flow marks, no flow lines, no shrink mark, the surface is more perfect, more rigid plastic components, not easy to scratch, remove the surface of a variety of marks covered high-cost fuel injection process
2, the product surface more bright, leaving no trace of the surface, the more rigid plastic components. Spray UV oil on the surface more beautiful, bright and clean, lower cost
3, to eliminate the surface weld lines, without post-processing tin spray processing, and enhance the flow of raw materials filling effect, improve production efficiency, improve surface finish, so that the mirror effect, to solve the problem of fiber floating fiber
4, with chemical drugs on the inner mold for plastic corrosion, after molding the surface with the corresponding lines, sailing die to provide customers with sun-brushed pattern, all kinds of mold bite and etching, effectively solve the problem of mold bite