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We are a leading supplier of wire, cable and harness assemblies.  From the simplest ground strap to the most intricate wire harness, we have the experience necessary to satisfy all your harness design, prototyping and manufacturing requirements.
1. Excellent Quality :  The Standard of ISO9001, IECQ  
2. Certificated : UL , China  certificate, Japan certificate , Korea certificate 
3. Material  :  Copper-Clad  Steel . 100% Copper,13+1,14+14,15+1,19+1
4.Cable OD :OD5.0/OD6.0/OD6.3/OD6.8/OD7.3/OD8.0
5.Cable Length : 0.3M 1M 1.5M 3M 5M 10M 15M 20M Or more than 30M 
6.Ferrite Core :Single Ferrite Core ,Double Ferrite Core ,Remove Ferrite or 
7. Plug :Gilding, Tinning
8.Mold :Single or Double Color 
9.Package :PE Bag 、White Boxes  ,Blister Boxes+ Card