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We provide custom CNC and machined parts for use in TV touch devices, TV educational equipment, sewing machine equipment, large equipment, precision equipment and more.

Our machining capabilities include turning, drilling, tapping and custom designed parts turning. We specialize in aluminum research and have one of the best machining practices with specific aluminum expertise. Customers often say that our products are better equipped than any other product they use. Our CNC machining center can achieve a tolerance of 0.002.

For the new design, we can provide design support, such as reverse engineering or more economical parts production program, without sacrificing quality or function.

Our one-stop solution is equipped with stamping capability for a maximum size of 420 x 300 x 3mm with a tolerance of 0.02mm. We have very advanced equipment to meet the requirements of complex metal parts. Specializing in service for OEMs and Tier 1 manufacturers, from small batch to high volume production, our economical, high speed production equipment and efficient production process enable us to offer our customers a competitive price solution. Our in-depth experience as a manufacturer of small apertures and precision metal stamping allows us to analyze the production process and in some cases provide different solutions that combine multiple pieces into one single piece. This added value of expertise often leads to more economical costs of producing parts. Our engineering staff, workshops and a wide range of training and production capabilities make Tung Woo Stamping a solid partner, keeping an eye on the success of your product.

The appearance of our product color to ensure that multi-color, a variety of different ways.