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We at Tungwille are proud of our company - its people, manufacturing processes and products. Our team strives to build quality into the manufacturing and business processes with the goal of achieving MIL-PRF-13830B quality performance. Every product goes through 100% computerized testing and a complete inspections process. Through this emphasis on quality, Tungwille develops and maintains long-standing relationships with its customers, helping them to succeed and achieve their objectives.

Operating under an umbrella of ISO 9001:2008 , our Quality Management System ensures that we apply a disciplined approach to every facet of our company. This includes the development of manufacturing, test, and inspection processes; control of non-conforming raw material, WIP, and finished product; supplier management; material and capacity resource planning; employee training and certification; and a robust corrective and preventative action system.our quality policy to: "Provide products that meet or exceed customer expectations for on time delivery, cost effectiveness and reliability, while continually improving the effectiveness of our quality management system."