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Tungwille Industry Development Co.,Ltd was established in HK in 2008, Headquarters Factory was set up in 2010 . We are committed to “Let the Global SMEs enjoy a full range, high efficient and excellent quality Made in China service”.

With over years professional knowledge and production experiences in the manufacturing industry, Tungwille has become a leading enterprise in the field of intelligent home appliances and OEM industrial controller. Our main business: SMT & PCB Assembly, Aluminum, hardware and Plastic parts OEM manufacturing, Cables and Wire Harness Assemblies manufacturing, Mold development design and sales. Tungwille Industry Development Co.,Ltd as the industry leader, has been achieved different areas of security certification, such as Asia, Australia, Europe, the Americas etc.


To enable the global SMEs to enjoy the convenience of one-stop, high efficiency work as well as high quality but low-price products, Tungwille Industry Development Co., Ltd has determined the strategic development objective: OEM One-Stop Service Provider. Our services scope covers:
Electronics OEM assemble, Special products OEM manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, Quality Inspection and Control service, Warehouse Storage and Materials Management, Logistics and Transport service, System Integration and Test etc Integrated One Stop Services.

Tungwille Industry Development Co.,Ltd has advanced production equipment, industry elite and abundant international sales service experience, equipped with a systematic manufacturing policy , experienced technical support, professional team and variety of precision manufacturing/testing machines . We are able to provide multiple and flexible manufacturing services to help our customers to win the market. Our service ability includes Small quantity runs, High complexity products manufacturing to Large numbers demands. We are well aware of being an OEM One Stop Service provider, the key to success is to providing a cost-effective production planning and excellent quality, and enable the products to be listed in real time. Tungwille has implemented these key factors in every project, constantly enhance the corporate value for our customers.
Tungwille promise: Tungwille has the strength to provide high quality, high efficient and convenient services to the global SMEs.