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At Tungwille, we are providing comprehensive,high effeciency, excellent quality OEM Manufacturing One-Step Service, but also focus on the most difficult in the electronics industry: help The Global SMEs to solve low-to-mid volume, higher mix, and higher complexity products.

OEM suppliers always face similar challenges, including:

1, Long lead-time Materials

2, Frequent product configuration changes

3, Stringent quality and regulatory requirements

4, Continuous pricing pressure

Our core advantage: Tungwille recognizes that a comprehensive solution must touch upon more than just manufacturing expertise. It must include

1, 7*24h attentive service

2, Advanced planning systems to create raw material pipelines that flex with the latest demand signals.

3, Robust process design and implementation procedures that bring new products to market quickly and efficiently while also addressing existing product redesigns with a high degree of agility.

4, Supply chain strategies that align your requirements with “right-sized" qualified suppliers and sub-contractors.

5, Automated administrative systems that produce actionable results, on a daily basis, in response to a complex, ever-changing environment.