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LED line aluminum profile lighting

LED line lamp series is a kind of high-end flexible decorative lamp, which is characterized by low power consumption, long life, high brightness, easy to bend and maintenance free.Especially suitable for indoor and outdoor entertainment, building outline and billboard production.According to different requirements, the product has 12V, 24V, etc., with length of 30CM,60CM, 90CM, 120CM, etc.Can also be customized according to customer demand different specifications of line lights.

Structural features: LED line lamp is LED wall washing lamp series aluminum profile lamp body, compact and lightweight end cover and installation bracket by aluminum alloy high-pressure die-cast high-temperature resistant silicone rubber sealing ring, to ensure the reliability of waterproof.Lamps may be installed individually or in combination.Suitable for all kinds of buildings, indoor and outdoor local or contour lighting.

Materials and properties: The shell of lamps and lanterns is made of aluminum alloy, with bright lines, simple structure, beautiful appearance, strong, corrosion-resistant and easy installation.The surface of lamps and lanterns is treated by static electricity and plastic spraying.The reflector adopts imported anodized aluminum plate to ensure high output of light energy.3MM thick high strength tempered glass, high light transmittance, impact resistance.Built-in guaranteed protection level up to IP65.

Colour effect: Through color matching can achieve 16 million color static display flicker changes: flicker, flicker dark.

Cross colour change: the interval of several kinds of color temperature changes alternately

Chase change: several kinds of color temperature chase each other

Power flow function: a single color temperature has a regular circulation flow

Applicable places: 1, the wall of the building, windowsill, roof projection 2, both sides of the bridge, bridge hole, bridge bottom wash wall 3, river, river lift, fence, square relief, landscape lighting 4, ancient architecture, corridor, bridge decoration......

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