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The difference between OTG and USB

We all know that we can use the USB cable to connect the computer and mobile phone to transmit data. It can not only access the photos and other data in the phone through the computer, but also be an indispensable tool to charge the mobile phone.

So what does the OTG cable do?To put it simply, the function of the OTG cable is that with it, your mobile device can be connected directly to USB device with USB lamp of USB disk without going through PC or laptop.Just to be clear, you can use this line to find the information on the usb flash drive directly from your phone, or even play games with the mouse and type quickly through the keyboard.The emergence of OTG saves the process that every device needs to pass through a computer to exchange information. In this way, it not only expands the functions of mobile phones, but also makes it more convenient for us to connect with the Internet, so as to better adapt to the development of today's Internet era.Of course, there's a premise that your digital device has to support OTG.

Another obvious difference between OTG and USB is that when the USB cable is connected to the computer device, it is the external device that is powered by the computer, while when the OTG cable is connected to the USB disk and other devices, it is the mobile phone and other themes that provide power to the USB cable.

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