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Sourcing and Supply Chain Management

Sourcing and Supply Chain Management

Today’s competitive global marketplace demands that OEMs have the right product available at the right time, or risk losing market share to more nimble competitors. Higher inventory turns, shorter product life cycles, and expectations for increased agility are just some of the factors that make a flexible and scalable integrated supply chain a critical part of their success.


Tungwille is located in the world’s largest electronics manufacturing center, Shenzhen, China, fully licensed to both import and export goods from China. With decades years of combined experience and a long history of working closely with our partners, Tungwille is ready to helping our customers manage every aspect of their business in China, include every link of the sourcing and supply chain:
1, One stop procurement for various materials/parts
2, Deep sourcing for EOL or hard-to-find components
3, Market information share
4, BOM kitting
5, Clear excess inventory
6, Net term offer
7, Audit new suppliers and manage the existing suppliers
8, Procurement cost reduction and MOQ reduction.
9, Lead time reduction: becomes your on-the-ground eyes and ears to chase the production process.
10, Inspection service to ensure the products 100% qualified.