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Quality Inspection and Control

Quality Inspection and Control

It is not enough for enterprises to make great progress in the fierce market competition, only by the direction of strategic choice. Any competition between enterprises is inseparable from " product quality " competition. If without perfect quality, the company will eventually disappear in the tide of the market economy. In the international procurement business, product quality as the most difficult to control and most frequently issues often makes customers miserable. In the event of quality problems, customers generally ask to return money or replenishment, because of different regions,it often takes a long time to investigate the quality issues reasons, the delivery time even have to put off more than 1month ,which seriously affect customer’s delivery schedule and sales performance. If you want to receive 100% qualified product each time, if you want to stop the troubles caused by quality issues, please choose Tungwille: We can help you control the production process and improve the product quality, we also have a full team of Quality Control specialists to conduct inspections for every shipment. The QA engineers customize relevant test specifications and inspection checklists for each product.