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Warehousing and Materials Management

Warehousing and Materials Management

We offer our customers complete Warehousing and Materials Management Services. Backed by services of experienced warehousing and materials management experts, we ensure transparent and high level of accuracy and cost competitiveness is delivered to our customers.

Our material management services include kitting, which is the gathering of components and parts needed for the manufacturing of an assembly or product and requires significant planning and resources to reduce production times and getting jobs done on time. Some of the services included in our ;materials management services include: 1, Inspection Initial inspection for quality or damage 2, Consol/Deconsol Reduces transportation costs 3, Labeling 4, Kitting Packaging Design and build kits organized to improve productivity 5, Just-in-Time/Sequencing Provide people and materials in right place, quantity, and time keeps inventory visible and lean 6, As a temporary storage location